Thursday, January 22, 2009

Extending the Life of My Digital Camera

So yesterday I wanted to upload some pictures of me wearing Z2 in the carrier from my camera. No matter how I held the cord or jiggled it, I couldn't get the pictures on to the computer. I figured it was time to finally bite the bullet and get a new camera. I already know the one I would get. No more than $100 with good reviews. But I thought I would go to Best Buy and see if maybe I could find another cord thinking that maybe the cord was worn out and that was the problem. Well, Best Buy didn't have a cord but they did have a memory card reader which cost me about $18 with tax. Not bad. So basically all I have to do is pop the memory card out of the camera and into the reader and I can transfer my pictures this way. The hubby doesn't hold out much hope for this alternate method because he thinks that soon enough, the camera will stop being able to use the memory card altogether. Too much moving of parts and eventually the port will get worn out or break--there's only so much you can do to get around planned obsoleteness. I think if it extends the life of the camera another year or so, it's cool. We might see the price of the camera we want go down a few bucks. In any case, I will probably not be popping it in and out all the time so I'll try to wait till I have a few pictures taken before I transfer them. So anyway, here's to posting more pictures on the blog.


World Amazing Wallpapers said...

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Miriam said...

we use a memory card. We've had it a long time, i think its pretty sturdy if the kids don't get to it.

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