Sunday, January 18, 2009


Z1 is a hella picky eater. If it doesn't look right, he won't eat it. He gets that trait honestly as I'm a very picky eater too.

About a month ago, he was all about fish sticks. The only place to get simple fish sticks breaded with whole grain flour is Whole Paycheck. Whatever, I paid the exorbitant price in hopes of achieving a homemade fish stick he would actually eat. he liked the store-bought and ate them without a fight. Now he won't touch them. I've got like 3 boxes in the freezer.

Well, for the past two weeks, he has been all about tofu ravioli. I tried it on him like a year ago and he looked at me as if I had acquired another head. Recently, though, he loves it. I hadn't read the ingredient list in a while and truthfully was just so happy I found something he likes and requests (i.e. I don't beg him to eat). But the flour is "enriched" which means it is bleached. So, of course, they won't work anymore as an every day kind of food. Making it should be easy enough. I just have to figure out how to make whole grain pasta dough. I would use the tofu ricotta filling which I use for lasagna to fill the ravioli's. Not quite sure how the dough process works. Kinda too tired to think about it but I already found this on making the dough.

Z1 also likes pizza a lot. When I make pizza with the tempeh sausage crumbles and the sauteed veggies, he sloughs them off and ends up eating bread and tomato sauce. I'm going to bake bread on Tuesday and will also be preparing pizza dough which I will divide into small ziploc bags to make Z1 mini-pizzas. He does eat some cheese (raw organic) and so I can sprinkle a little on that.

It's so challenging dealing with a picky eater. Z2, so far, likes whatever you give him. Thank goodness.

You know, those damn ravioli's are too damn expensive for them not to use quality flour. Shucks!!!


Just Me said...

It's a mother's cross to have a picky eater, lol. I have one and he's almost 7. I keep hoping he'll outgrow far he hasn't. I say if he likes cheese pizza, that's not so bad. The ravioli sounds divine.

Anonymous said...

Well, my son is a picker eater and drinker. He will only drink Oat milk. No rice, hemp, almond, soy, nothing.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, and he drinks the who container in either oneday or a day in a half.

Chi-Chi, The Original Wombman said...

Oh, Mamas, thanks for co-signing. Would you all believe that yesterday, he wouldn't eat the ravioli? LoL . . . I just have to keep reminding myself that he won't starve and keep on offering lots of things. Whew!!

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