Monday, March 16, 2009

The Soul

Yesterday was a lovely day. It wasn't sunny but it wasn't windy and it wasn't too cold. The playground was full of children with all that exuberant, joyful energy. It was great. Z2 fell asleep on the swings and was asleep so soundly that I transferred him to the stroller and he hardly stirred. I had the chance to chat with Z1's friend's mom who I'm cool with and the conversation turned to something that I am always interested in: the soul. She mentioned that she has been able to communicate with her father who has passed on and that she had done a past life regression (which I so totally want to do one day). It was really a good conversation and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that on these things we hold similar ideas/theories.
I believe that the soul is immortal and essentially energy--never created and never destroyed or else only able to be created or destroyed by the Almighty Jah. Different cultures and different traditions offer up ideas about the soul particularly about when the soul enters the body. Is it at conception? Or is it at birth? I tend to think that while a baby is in the womb, the soul is free to go in and out of the body. Once birth happens though, it becomes married to the soul inseparably until death. Being newly married, babies have a strong memory for what it was like to be spirit and so for a long while, children have one foot in the physical world and the other in the spirit world. Growing up necessitates that most of us plant both feet firmly in the physical world or at least moreso.

If it's true that the soul only becomes permanently connected to the body at birth, abortions and miscarriages do not hold as much gravity to me. I am sincerely pro-choice and wish that every woman who wants to have her baby can and every woman who doesn't want to can choose not to. Yes, abortions and miscarriages are not times of rejoicing and jubilation and it's not like we should be all excited about miscarriages and encouraging abortions. But, in my mind, once you believe that a soul in indestructible, at least not by human interference, it makes the weight . . . different if not easier to bear.

I wonder, though, if souls which did not make it through a woman the first time keep trying to come through her or do they choose someone else. Why would a soul, which I believe "knows" to a large extent, then try to come through a way that it knew wouldn't come to fruition? I think souls map out their course before they take on flesh (probably or maybe in conjunction with the Most High). I think a soul might like to try different things. Experience things just for the experience. Everything is in divine right order--just like the rest of the universe and since a soul is an inextricable part of the whole, I think divine order applies to your soul, my soul and every soul.

I wonder do our children who have come through us, have they been born to us before? Were we born to them? Were we connected in some other way in a different life? Sister? Brother? Spouse? Mistress? Cousin? Friend? Enemy? Victim? Healer? Teacher? When our soul dissociates from our flesh, will we recognize other souls we have been connected to before? Will we know our descendants? Will we know our ancestors?

Of course, these questions have no answers that we can really know but in trying to figure out these things, in thinking about how life present and eternal works, I think we can derive great joy, power and strength to make the most out of this gift of the here and now.

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Anonymous said...

My son tells me all the time that he was once my father, and I the baby.

I totally agree abortion cannot destroy a soul. Nothing can destroy spirit. Each spirit picks the vehicle to come thru, knowing any harderships. The spirit is attahed to nothing. Even, when a woman miscarriages, the spirit knows this.

Miriam said...

I have a son and a daughter who play with each other so much--much more than the other siblings. They also bicker like an old couple. My husband and I always muse that they may have been a couple in a previous life.

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