Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another Great Workout!

Today I did Women's Health Ultimate Fat Burn and it was excellent. I felt like I really burned calories. The routine was never boring and I got to do work on every part of my body. It was long enough without being too long and I feel like my heart rate was elevated for a good clip of time. The cueing was perhaps the *best* cuing I have ever seen on any DVD to date. No fumbling. No false steps. Amy Dixon was right on point, always remembering that I was seeing a mirror image of what she was doing. Ms. Dixon was also not patronizing, not annoying and just encouraging enough that when I wanted to stop a rep, I just kept going. I really sweated with this workout and I enjoyed it a lot. I'm definitely adding this to the list of workout DVDs I'm going to purchase (One-on-One Training with Jackie is also on that list and I'm on the lookout for one more really good yoga DVD). I'm really having fun trying out all these DVDs and even when I've built a good home workout DVD collection, I'll still be trying different ones. It's so nice to switch it up every once in a while.
On another note, it just occurred to me that since there are plentiful berries at farmer's markets, I should try my hand at making enough jam to last through the winter. If I bought enough berries every time I go to the farmer's market (I'm going to try to go weekly) to make 2 pints of jam, that would definitely last us through the winter. I'd love to grow strawberries myself but I don't want to be overwhelmed. Definitely, though, once we get the hang of the gardening, I will be growing flowers (both for beauty and medicinal purposes like roses for rosewater and calendula for calendula infused olive oil which I used to make for my children's diaper cream), herbs (both for cooking and medicine) and some kinds of berries.

Anyway, I'm feeling good today. I have a busy day ahead but I'm hoping for some things to come together. I'm just feeling light and easy. I wish the same for you.

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Trudie said...

cant wait to try the workout video. I like the preserves idea too.

Sabrina said...

I can't wait for the summer season of fruit to show up at our Farmer's Market.Love the strawberries...we just finished off the last of them in January. I admire your dedication to working out at home. I need to figure out how to motivate myself when I can't get to the gym. I just picked up some 10lb dumbbells at the a garage sale for $1, so now at least I can do some weights at home.

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