Friday, February 5, 2010

A helpful discovery

Actually, something the hubby discovered: Manuka Oil. After reading everything we could on it, we ordered a small bottle on Amazon.

While the hubby doesn't see how it's any better than tea tree oil, I have to say, it is great. I've been using tea tree oil to take care of my scalp especially when I have flare ups (which I think are caused by some kind of bacteria or fungus. and yes, it helps. But manuka oil? Manuka oil takes the cake! It really helps-- tremendously--and very quickly. I think if I continue to use manuka oil, I can cut down on the number of times I have to wash my hair weekly, which is great in this cold weather.

I just had to blog about when I realized that it also helps my skin recover quickly from pre-period acne breakouts. It's not too harsh (at least it doesn't feel so) and is very effective (more so than the benzoyl peroxide I tried and, as a wonderful plus, more natural).


Miriam said...

Hi there.

Wow! Thanks for the tip. I just came by your blog and was glad to read about Makuta oil.

My son has this fungus and I"m currently using tea tree oil. Its taking a looooong time to work. You say it does work?

Anyway, I will look into that other oil.

Anonymous said...

Does this burn like tea tree oil? Me and tea tree had a bad run-in once...

The Original Wombman said...

Miriam, it really works.

PGL, it can burn. You have to use it in a carrier oil. You could use it conservatively--like 10 drops per 4 ounces of oil. I go much more concentrated though. Tea Tree has never once burned me although the hubby really has to be careful with it. We all have different skin tolerances.

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