Thursday, November 25, 2010

Making it Work Better!

Our living situation that is.  We accomplished this recently by moving things around in our house.  

Let me see if I can describe the layout of our house. We live on a single floor. We have a front room which we call the cold room. We can't use it during the winter months at all. Next to that and moving towards the back of the house, we have a large room with a fireplace (which was the living room--Room A). Separated by French pocket doors, next to that (and continuing to move towards the back of the house) is the room that was serving as our master bedroom (Room B). Separated by a solid wood door, next to that (all the way at the back of the house) is the children's bedroom. 

Room A is bigger, has a fire place and guests can walk directly into it.  Also, it's two rooms away from the kids' room which is great for when I workout in the morning and the hubby and I can hang out when they go to sleep without bothering them.  The cons of Room A (mainly one) is that it is dark. We needed to have lights on in there are all times no matter how bright it was outside.

Here are the pros of Room B: it is very bright--4 high windows. Another pro is that it's closer to the kitchen where I spend lots of time and since it would have the computer in it, I would be closer to the computer.  Here are the cons of Room B: guests have to walk through the kitchen or through Room A (which would be the bedroom and ain't happening) to get to Room B, it's in the middle of the house, adjacent to the kids' room, and it's smaller than the Room A (some things would have to remain in Room A).

So we moved everything around.  We made Room A into our master bedroom and Room B into the living room and now our bedroom is separated from the kids' room by the living room.  This is a really hard adjustment for the kids who were used to me being right next to them as they fell asleep.  Every night since we re-arranged things, they have ended up in our bed due to bad dreams and monsters.  

I really like having Room B as the living room, though. A lot.  I think it will have to stay this way and hopefully my children adjust soon.  I love being able to read by the window and I love all the light.  Yes the bookcase is still in the bedroom, our library books stay in there along with DVDs and other media but it really doesn't bother me.  And I honestly don't care as much as I once did if people have to walk through the kitchen to get to the living room.  

I realize we'll probably be living here a long time. I get so happy when we do things to make this place more functional and more like home. 

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