Friday, November 26, 2010


Folks who love Star Trek in all it's many forms and incarnations are usually thought of as geeky or strange--"Trekkies".  I love Star Trek in all it's many forms and incarnations (although I don't attend conventions and don costumes) and I don't really care what anyone thinks!  It's just so . . . amazing!  

Netflix made the Star Trek: The Future Begins (2009) a "play now".  I have had it on my queue for a long time waiting for the right time to watch it.  I finally did yesterday and I was not disappointed in the least.  I thought it was casted brilliantly and I just tend to love movies in which the concept of time is called into question (which is why I cherished Kindred by Octavia Butler).   I also recently enjoyed Star Trek: First Contact (thanks to Netflix) which also dealt with time travel and changing destiny by changing things in the past or the present.  To me, it's something really interesting to think about because while right now we cannot change the past, it's powerful to be fully aware that what we do know will definitely and without question change what happens next.   

Long and short, there hasn't been one thing I've seen having to do with Star Trek that's left me feeling disappointed. 

I realize that I've loved the science fiction genre (in books and movies) since childhood. For some odd reason, I wasn't introduced to the science fiction genre as a genre until college but I've always like science fiction type stories, shows and movies. Star Trek: The Next Generation was what I grew up watching faithfully.  That is, until we had a houseguest who was an "evangelist" and declared that Star Trek was demonic and un-Christian (because of the aliens) and my parents quickly agreed and banned it sending me underground with my Star Trek love.

I think I appreciate Star Trek even more now that I've read and watched a wide array of futuristic books and movies.  Star Trek manages to create a future world where people of different races, sexes, heck even different species, have successfully figured out ways to coexist and accept each other. Yes, there are hostilities and issues but overall, we get a picture of a world that while not idyllic is a place where racism, sexism and even specie-ism are greatly reduced.  

I tend to prefer the more modern incarnations to the original Star Trek though.  It's hard to get with a future that looks so . . . 60s.  But I'm always intrigued by the plots and impressed by the story lines.  Star Trek: The Future Begins was no exception.  Also, I think Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto are cuties! :)


navelgazingbajan said...

I also love Star Trek, particularly the Picard years. I am a fan of the Sci-Fi/Fantasy genres and have been since childhood. I was introduced to Octavia Butler through "Kindred" and I was hooked on her writing from there.

I'm always excited to find there are other WOC who geek out on the same things I do. LOL.

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

I watched them all except Enterprise. I have loved Star Trek from the beginning. And I DO dress up, but just on Halloween

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