Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kemetic Yoga

A sister who reads my blog hipped me to the practice of Kemetic Yoga. I had never really heard of it before but my interest was certainly piqued. I know I'd really like to take formal yoga classes (and belly dancing classes too) at some point soon. After reading a little, a Kemetic Yoga class would be phenomenal to take.

"Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years in many cultures throughout the world. It is most commonly associated with the culture of India. A fact that is coming more into the common knowledge is that Africans in Kemp (Ancient Egypt) practiced Yoga many years before the evolution of the culture of India. KEMETIC Yoga is expressed in the artwork and spiritual writings found in the ancient tombs and temples. On wall paintings and sculptures we see figures in positions that we now know to be Yoga postures. In the ancient texts we are able to read about the principles and techniques of physical and spiritual perfection that the KEMETIC people aspired to.

From the earliest times it was known in Egypt that there is only one GOD, the One Truth. This is why a deep study of the many religions, mystery systems and myths around the world reveals ‘similarities’ in philosophy and symbolism; it is due to the one common source of them all. It is our duty to enquire deeply into the nature of that truth since knowing the exact truth is the basis of our well being."

Here's some other sources of info I found on this type of yoga:
What is Kemetic Yoga?
Kemetic Yoga: An Ancient Art for Modern Living
Demystifying the Art and Science of Yoga--A quote from this article:
"The conscious alignment of the country woman’s spine as she gracefully carries baskets on her head and the meditative state of trance guided by traditional drum playing are more examples of yoga practice."
In Nigeria too you can still find that many women carry loads light and heavy perfectly balanced on their heads. I'd never thought of that in terms of yoga!

I'm very grateful to have been introduced to Kemetic Yoga. I'm very new to the practice of yoga and what I have found already is that often there can be a disconnect between the spiritual and the physical if one is not careful. There are plenty of yoga DVDs and instructions only aimed at the body with a cursory nod to the spiritual (of course, you can modify your own practice). What I find is that in trying to make yoga palatable to Westerners, it has been watered down and indeed disconnected. It is so wonderful, in my mind, to find a yoga that goes all the way back to Kemet, all the way back to the root. I hope to find a class/instructor of Kemetic Yoga nearby. This would be the yoga class I'd be angling to take first.


Anonymous said...

Yirser Ra Hotep travels teaching classes and certifies. So, you may be able to find a class. His website, , .


ASHAKI said...

Where is the I located? I here in South Florida and Every Sunday @ 8am there is FREE Kemetic Yoga on the beach where all the elements meet..., one and ones bring forth their fam..and tonight 3/11 there will be moonlite (full moon) yoga... it awesome

Anonymous said...

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