Monday, March 9, 2009


Just wanted to report that this morning, my legs are on fire! This is as a result of yesterday's workout. I'm glad too . . . it means I worked something that I haven't been working on.

I am seeing results, by the way. I'm losing weight slowly but I'm also getting toned up. More than all of that, I feel strong and energetic.

I'm not sure if I can get my stomach back to being the way it was pre-children because there's a lot of stretched out skin. I can feel the muscles underneath are getting more toned but overall, my stomach doesn't look much different. That's a bummer but oh well. I'm surprisingly comfortable and accepting of my stomach the way it is because it reminds me of what my body did.

On another note, I was looking in The Reader's Digest Back to Basics book (which has everything you ever wanted to know about back to basics/off the grid/back country living) curious about how to make perfume at home. Very interesting if not gross. You use lard to make it. You can get your scent from flowers or herbs/spices. Basically, you take lard that has absorbed the scent from the flowers and mix it with alcohol. That's back-to-basic perfume. I'm not so sure I can get with that. But then again, lard was originally used for making soap.

I woke up an hour late today I guess making up for the hour that was lost. I'm not sure if the boys will sleep till 7:45/8:00 today because of daylight savings or not so I'm off to try to squeeze in Radiant Heart Yoga before they get up.

It's 7:11 right now and everyone is still asleep. I just finished Radiant Heart Yoga by Shiva Rea.
Since I've been learning about the chakras (currently learning about the throat chakra), I was intrigued by this DVD which focuses on the "heart center" or heart chakra. Overall, I feel this is an excellent offering by Shiva Rea who has a very peaceful and detailed way of instructing. The poses/moves she uses were at times challenging for me so I did the best I could. It is definitely not a DVD for pure beginners. My only qualm with the DVD is the way it was shot. I get that they wanted it to be artsy and the background to be calming (it was a very beautiful background indeed) but it was kind of dark and shadowy and I had a difficult time seeing what Rea was actually doing. That's my only real complaint.

Okay, so this DVD is not necessarily something I'd add on as part of my fitness routine. It's more of a moving meditation and a powerful one at that. She incorporates the chanting of "Aum" into the routine and the sound "Ha" in the sun salutation part. I enjoyed this DVD but not because I felt like it burned calories or toned me up. It was perfect to do after yesterday's workout and the soreness I am feeling today. This yoga is all about the heart center (chakra) and focusing energy and healing towards the heart while calling up positive characteristics such as love, compassion, and forgiveness. I could feel love all around and inside me while doing it and even right now. So I would say that in doing this routine, my heart chakra opened up. Shiva Rea achieves what she set out to do. It would be so nice to find other yoga DVDs focused on specific chakras.

Anyway, today's practice left me feeling energetic and bright even though the day is quite dreary. I'm ready to start my day feeling positive and joyful. While I don't think I'll be purchasing this DVD, I'm adding it to my wish list and I'll definitely check it out from the library on a regular basis.


ASHAKI said...

Greetings Sis... glad to see the I doing I, it is the best work out. MY husband teaches yoga... he actually teaches Kemetic should really look into that.. and remember they say no pain no gain... so if you feeling something then yea, you doing something RIGHT.....Peace

Chi-Chi, The Original Wombman said...

Blessed Love Ashaki!!! Yes-I, I never knew I would enjoy yoga so much. I've heard about Kemetic yoga. I'm planning to take real yoga classes sometimes soon. I will look where I can find Kemetic yoga. Give thanks for the suggestion.

Indeed, no pain, no gain! :)

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