Wednesday, November 11, 2009

FO: A wool diaper cover

I haven't been knitting with any kind of consistency this year. With Z2 being as active as he is, it's almost impossible to get into a groove. But, I'm proud to say, I did manage to turn out something, albeit a small thing. It's a knitted wool diaper cover and I imagine it will be one of the last I ever make for my children, at least.
Yarn: Filatura Lanarota Chaco (worsted weight)--1 1/2 skeins
Pattern: My Soaker Pattern (which is by far my favorite because it's basic, straightforward with no short rows but plenty of space for even the bulkiest of cloth diapers)
Size: Large/Toddler
Needles: #7 16-inch bamboo circulars which I abhor but which I will continue to use in the name of reaching my goal of saving $10K for each family member--I'll see how long I can make it work
Time: About a week and a half. I had a bit of yarn fiasco, had to stop a whole bunch of times, fought with my needles and was often too tired to do anything but look at it. But it got done.

Overall, I'm very pleased with it. It's quite large and is perfect for Z1 who still needs extra protection when sleeping at night. I'm looking forward to making the Sideways Grande Hat and have placed the book where the pattern was published (Boutique Knits) on reserve at the library. I saw the hat in my KnitPicks catalog and I thought it was stunning. It really caught my eye and it's small enough of a project where it won't drag on forever and a day.

Which is more (much more) than I can say for A Sweater for Emma which is still waiting on me to finish the right sleeve. I have vowed to finish this sweater this year, though. And I will. No I must. The funny thing is we don't even see Emma anymore so . . . is there a point? LoL. A Sweater for Emma taught me one valuable lesson--for large projects, a yarn you enjoy is crucial, no essential. I hate the 100% (cheap) cotton yarn I'm using--it makes the sweater feel like a wasted effort because the yarn just doesn't work well and shows up all the mistakes and unevenness. Ah well. I'll finish for the sake of finishing then move on to more appealing projects.

My new knitting philosophy? Small projects working with yarns I enjoy . This will keep yarn costs down but will keep the craft pleasurable and less frustrating.

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Wildflower said...

This is such a nice thing. I really like it, although my young 'un days are long over.

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