Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Almond Milk

I've been making almond milk from fresh, raw almonds and it is absolutely delicious. I can't believe I sunk $80 into a soymilk maker that right now won't do much of anything (I think it's broken). I am hoping they take it back and I can get a refund because I *love* the almond milk and it works well in all recipes. I could use the money to help me get this juicer because since I've been making my own vegan sausages and tempeh bacon, I've found many uses for a juicer. And my current juicers sucks. Anyway . . . I've been using this recipe for the almond milk: . I reduce the amount of sweetener and I use brown rice syrup instead. I got my alcohol-free vanilla at Trader Joe's. I also realize since I've been making my own milk that I really need to invest in a water filter. We tried a PuR filter but those just don't cut it. I guess our pipes are old--each filter lasted about a week. It's exciting, really, making everything here at home. I will post again about why I've decided to make most things we eat from scratch.

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Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

I tried the almond milk recipe and it was surprisingly pretty good, although I think I need to strain it more.

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