Thursday, May 1, 2008

Getting closer to the cause of my repeated hair loss . . .

If you know me, you know that I've really struggled with my hair during my life. India Arie has a song called "I am Not My Hair" and I could have written every single word in that song. My hair has really been a journey.

Well, in 2001, I decided to stop getting my hair braided with extensions and to wear it out naturally. I rocked a fro for a while, twist-outs and head wraps. I was trying to get back to my roots. My hair was a reflection of that. I decided I really wanted locs and my first attempt at them involved a barber shop and black gooey gel. Bad. I washed that out and found a more natural loctician. I was well on my way to a head of beautiful locs. Until my hair started to thin and the locs started to snap off.

I thought it was stress. Maybe I needed to leave my locs alone. You know, low manipulation, organic/freeform locs. So I cut my hair to start over and once I had 2-3" of growth, I re-twisted it. And the same thing happened. It is not 2008, and I am telling you this that it is happening again. This is about the 5th time. It could be discouraging. But I am not discouraged. I send positive energy and love to my hair and hair follicles, to every part of my body in fact. But I am still looking for an answer to this mystery of hair thinning and loss. When I wear a fro, the hair grows fabulously thick, healthy, lustrous and strong. When it's in locs, inevitably I face hair loss. After changing my diet (even went so far as eating fish again all to no avail), changing my hair care routine and products (to no avail), it finally occurred to me that maybe the real issue is the locs themselves, i.e. the weight of the locs. It's just a theory but it is a plausible one. I'm still researching, thinking and meditating on the whole situation.

One thing's for certain though . . . I love this set of locs more than any other. This set of locs represents a real maturity and growth. I am such a different person than I was when I started my first set of locs years ago. It really has been a journey and though I don't have feet of locs to show for it, my spiritual locs reach down way past my knees. Like roots.

I'm like a tree that's planted by the water . . . I shall not be moved.


Trudie said...

Hmmm,interesting. I was thinking that maybe your hair folicles have opened up somehow and the roots don't hold as much weight anymore. You said back in teh day you used to wear braids, which are much heavier than locs. Could be something with the oils your body is no longer producing which makes the follicles dry and open up? But, usually when you are really oily, the pores open so maybe you are producing more oil and the follicles are opening and the hair just falls out.


Amoi said...

you're looking mighty and powerful natty!

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