Thursday, May 1, 2008

Just when you thought this blog was all about food and cooking . . .

I surprise you and talk about something completely different: my car.

Oh, how I love my car. It is a 2005 Subaru Outback which I bought slightly used when I started work in 2006. The seat adjusts so that my 5'2" self can actually see over the steering wheel. It's a station wagon so there's plenty of space for groceries, diaper bags and strollers. It has 2 docks for charging stuff, power window and power locks. It's the perfect car for living in New York especially in the winter time. Whereas before I used to worry about digging myself out of snow and folks "stealing" my freshly dug out space when I pulled out, I go about happily in the winter knowing that I won't ever be stuck. This AWD vehicle has really improved my driving experience and it's good on gas (not the greatest but certainly a contender. And since my dear husband bought me a Garmin GPS. I'm not afraid to drive places anymore (but that doesn't mean that now I actually like to drive). I even think that if we eventually did move overseas (to Africa), it would still be the perfect car for traveling the roads there and if it's still kicking, I'll just ship it over there. Yeah, I like it that much.

My only issue with my car is . . . child safety seats. If you know me, you know that I am pretty hard up on child safety restraints in passenger vehicles. I read my installation manuals obsessively to make sure I achieve a correct install. I currently have two child safety restraints in the car: an Evenflo Triumph V (for my baby) and a Sunshine Radian 65 (for my toddler). I'm not entirely thrilled with the Evenflo and if I had to do it again, I would probably have gone for something different. I am thrilled with the Sunshine Radian, though. I spent lots of time researching this particular car seat and after reading 101 reviews, decided a year ago that it was the one I would get. As soon Zephs (the baby) outgrew the bucket seat (which I despise to the ends of the earth), I yanked Papito out of the Evenflo, turned it rear-facing for Zephs and moved it behind the driver's seat, and installed the Radian forward-facing behind the passenger seat. The Radian is easy to install, sleek and slender (though I find it difficult to adjust the harness once Papito is in it). I am pretty sure that if I had to, I could get three Radians across the back seat of the Subes. But alas, installation in the center back seat of the Subes is dicey at best and is not recommended! I'm not sure how I missed that little tidbit when buying the car . . . actually, I know how. I only had one baby and so the thought of needing three car seats was a very distant one. Add to that the fact that my original idea was to have my kids 4 years apart (they are two years apart) . . . now I'm faced with the very real possibility that I will need to fit 3 car seats (not boosters) in the back and I might not be able to. This is pissing me off immensely. I really love my car and I don't want to get a mini-van. I'm still researching to see what I'll do. I joke that I might just not have another child.


No, I jest.

I'll post pics of how the seats are installed in the Subes soon. :)

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