Thursday, May 1, 2008

Phil & Ted's Double Stroller . . . the answer to the double stroller conundrum??

Maybe. Not quite. But then again, I've become convinced that there is no perfect double stroller. The Phil & Ted's comes pretty close though.

You know, I tried to convince myself I didn't need a double stroller at all. But with a 2.5 and an infant, I must have been hallucinating. Anyway, my good friend found a double stroller for me at her local thrift store for $15. Imagine my surprise when I looked it up online and saw how much it cost retail! Well, I was determined to make that thing do what it do. Except I ended up spraining my wrist. Now, the town I live in is hilly and bumpy. The Peg Perego would have been perfectly fine if I lived somewhere where most of my walking was on smooth pavement. It is a smooth rolling stroller, easy to steer considering it's size and length, and it is narrow which was a huge bonus since my front door is an older, more narrow double door. But it didn't take bumps well and it is too large and bulky for me to navigate through town. It is great for shopping at the thrift store or Target because it is so narrow but any real walking and you just don't fare too well with it.

Since I do a fair amount of walking (to save gas, because I don't like to drive, and because I need to lose some gosh darn weight), I knew I needed a better situation. So I started doing research and finally decided on the Phil & Ted's Sport in Green. Putting that sucker together was a true test of our intellect. But once it was up and running, I knew it was a good buy. It easily glides over bumps that would challenge even my beloved Maclaren Techno XT. It has a decent sized basket for storing stuff. The boys are quite comfy in it (Papito rides on top and Zeph rides on the bottom). It is a great walking stroller and fits easily through most standard doorways. Too bad my front door is not a standard doorway. The back door is though so I usually just leave out the back. The brake on this stroller is super serious, though, and I have to use some super duper force to get the thing to lock. I guess they took this extra precaution because the stroller really will just move on it's own (which is why I always wear the wrist strap). I took it to the gas station to pump the tires which garnered me some odd looks and chuckles. Then I went to Auto Zone to get a tire gauge. Didn't want to overfill the tired (no more than 22 Psi). Man, the thing rolls like a dream. It weight 22 lbs. on it's own. Papito is 32 lbs. and Zeph is 16+ lbs. And it still rolls like a dream. Yo, I'm developing some serious strength pushing them around town, though. That's a good thing.

I still use the Maclaren though and I'm not about to give it up. It takes up little room in the trunk of the Subes and is great for short distances that Papito can walk (Zeph goes in the Maclaren). Sometimes I'll carry Zeph on my back (I never leave home without a sling) and put Zion in the stroller. I'm the only person I know who has only ever bought one single stroller and loved it to pieces. I always recommend the Maclaren. We got ours on Ebay for $214 (s&h included) and it's a $300. If you know me, you know I wasn't trying to spend that much on a stroller. But it's worth it. And the Phil & Ted's is worth it too. Good stuff.


Trudie said...

I am still available to take the techno of your hands if you are ever in a bind or need to declutter. :)

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