Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Starting a New Curriculum with Z1

Many of you know that I plan to homeschool my two sons. Last week I found an excellent curriculum to begin with. I think age 3 is a great time to start introducing some concepts so it was fortuitous that I came across this curriculum. I had been drawing up my own but this one closely matches what I was thinking of doing. I will also be working with Z1 to learn his name (recognizing it) and learn to use the mouse for work on the computer. So we're off to the library to get some books to support the lesson. Oh, yes, you know it. I believe in literature based learning. LoL. :)

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Nettie said...

Thanks for that link. My oldest son will be 3 next month and this is perfect for him. He already recognizes the letters and numbers but we want him to learn all of the lowercase ones as well as words that go with the sounds.

Happy birthday to your little one!

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