Thursday, November 4, 2010

Trying to find some good

I really dread winter.  I mean, I almost shed a tear when I realized that this Sunday starts daylight savings time.  So last year, when it started getting cold, I tried to find one good thing about winter.  And I did.  This year, I really had to think long and hard.  So here's what I came up with:  there will be a bit more light during the early mornings.  These past few weeks, it's pretty much been pitch black until 7 AM.  

I've really been thinking about safety while running and considering getting some more reflective gear.  But it should be lighter outside between 6 and 7 AM, the times when I am running so I might not need it.  Hopefully.  

That's all I could come up with.  What about you?  Or do you love winter? 


Tara said...

For me, it's soup and sweaters. Making seasonal food and wearing cozy things. I grew up in Minnesota so you have to find a way to embrace winter if you want to survive!

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

Sorry. I'm with you. I hate winter. I have eczema and it acts up when the weather is cold. And all that darkness is depressing. I'm in awe of you, because all I want to do is sleep during winter

Anonymous said...

I absolutely hate the winter. It intensifies my missing the south.

Let me think what I could find to like.... um.... snow days from school. Yeah, that's about it.

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