Monday, December 15, 2008

I got through it!

I did it.

I got through Denise Austin's Blast Away 10 lbs.!!

I bought this tape when I was in college to supplement going to my school's gym. I remember thinking that it had gotten too easy and that I would need to find a more challenging video. Fast forward to today and it is a challenge not to stop in the middle, wheezing.

But I did it today. I got through it and I'm so happy.

I purchased my Enell bra on Saturday and it is a wonderful, wonderful bra. I did jumping jacks with no pain at all. Everything stayed in place and the whole workout experience was so positive.

I recommend this tape to anyone who's just starting or trying to get back into shape. It's very good for beginner's. Ms. Austin can be a bit annoying though (perky and patronizing) so I follow the tape with the volume all the way down. Anyway, I can't wait to be back at the point where I'm searching for more advanced stuff. I also put some videos on hold at the library. One by Tamilee Webb and two others by Wai Lana (beginning yoga workout for me and one for Z1).

So here's my plan to start. Aerobics four times a week: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Yoga/Pilates (I'm not sure which one--I have two different DVDs) on Tuesday and Sunday. I don't turn on the television or the computer on Saturdays (Sabbath). I think as Z2 gets more independent, though, I might see about joining a low cost gym to have access to a treadmill or just jogging in the neighborhood. I have never been able to run. DeStouet, if you're reading, it's you that inspired me to reach this goal.

I'm sweaty and tired. I know I'm going to feel this later on today. But that was good. I feel good. Woohoo.


80sBaby70sSoul said...

Girl I am too proud of you! You know I will be hitting that DVD hard next week!

Just Me said...

That's awesome. The hardest for me was getting started, but once I did it wasn't so bad and now it's a habit (although not always a joy, lol) Go Girl!!!

mamak said...

I am new to yoga and really enjoy it. I was taking a class but realize that it isn't financially responsible to continue. I'm looking for a dvd. Do you have any suggestions?

DeStouet said...


Good for you. Now keep at it -I'll be rooting for you.

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