Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What Can You Do About Your Genes?

It's not a secret. Even though I am well past adolescence, I still struggle with acne. Thankfully, though, as I get older the acne is much milder and breakouts are becoming rarer. But, like other acne sufferers, I've tried it all, of course. Everything and anything. Except that I draw the line a putting my morning urine on my face. But other than that, you name it, I've tried it. Natural (honey, apple cider vinegar, drinking gallons of water, fasting, enemas) and not-so-natural (Oxy 10, Clearasil, and prescription stuff). One of the best things about being pregnant was that for 10 months I had not one blessed pimple. My skin actually glowed.

But I've learned to live with acne and I just accept it as something that I'll just have to put up with. It's genetic. My mom, in her mid 50s, still has acne. I also consider myself lucky that the hubby has acne issues too and so he empathizes with what I go through completely. And where did he get it from? Yup. His mom who, in her mid 60s, still suffers. So, I'm not into trying anything else to keep the acne from coming. All I am into these days is how to keep it mild and how to make sure that the remnants of it are minimum.

But what I really worry about is my children. Both their parents carry the genes for acne. It's feasible that both of them could possibly struggle with acne in the future. And that worries me. I mean, acne kind of pretty much ran my life as a teen. It embarrassed me to no end and some days, I didn't want to go out. I would never, ever leave my house without foundation on my face. Not even to the corner store.

Sometimes when I am watching my beautiful children sleeping with their flawless skin, I wonder what the teenage years will bring for them? I would give a lot to make sure they didn't have to go through what I went through. My hope is that somehow, the genes skipped a generation or maybe that since both the hubby and I deal with it, that somehow they canceled out.

But really, what can you do about your genes?

I used to think that prayer could turn things around. I'd go to sleep and full of faith believing I'd wake up and be able to see. Without my glasses. Hasn't happened. I recently thought that maybe applying The Secret could reverse my chronic allergies. Hasn't happened. I just feel there are certain things in this lifetime you just have to learn how to deal with. Nothing is going to change it. Dyslexia. Shortness. Any physical disability. And you may pass these on to your kids. What you should be working on more than anything is getting real good with you so that when your children look at you, they know how to approach [insert whatever challenge here] if that ends up being their lot in life.

I know for myself that if my children do end up with acne that I have a whole lot of lessons that I have learned the hard way.
  1. Gentle gentle gentle. Don't overscrub. Find something that works, doesn't over-dry and stick with it. Don't pick. Don't touch. Gentle.

  2. Don't be shy about giving folks the finger when they ask why you don't wash your face or drink any water or make stupid suggestions like drinking your cat's urine mixed with tomato juice while standing on your tiptoes with a mask of egg yolks and bird droppings slathered all over your face or just generally give unsolicited advice about your face.

  3. You are always loved and always beautiful no matter what. Someone in this world (besides your mama, of course) looks at you and thinks you are gorgeous. That someone should be you, first and foremost. If you are convincing, the world will be convinced.

I really hope acne is not in the cards for them (or that feeding them consciously keeps it at bay). But if it is, they have a mama (and papa) who will help them get through it as she has gotten through it too. Smashingly, at that.

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Kristen's Raw said...

I like the three lessons. You're such a wonderful momma :)

Cheers and Happy Holidays,

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