Friday, November 28, 2008

For the Love of Music

Okay, I think "For the Love of Music" may very well be the name I'm going to stick with. For some reason, this whole week, I've been really into Gladys Knight. Now, there are soooo many singers who are hot right now--some talented and some who require a lot of studio work and some who are just cute/selling sex. I recognize that the music industry is a business like any other and so they have to make money. But something about Gladys Knight and the Pips moves me and reminds me of what true artistry, true singing is all about. It's clean. It's controlled while inspiring all kinds of emotions. No super duper riffs (which so many people think makes a good singer). Just beautiful and pure. So . . . without further ado . . . the Empress of Soul singing Neither One of Us (1973).

1 comment:

Hagar's Daughter said...

Gladys can sing; what a powerhouse.

Chi-Chi, I presented you with something - stop by.

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