Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I found a cute book

I borrowed it from the library. It's called Buddha at Bedtime by Dharmachari Nagaraja and I like it. It's not too preachy and basically presents the precepts of Buddhism in the form of stories for children. It is colorfully illustrated and really eye-catching and I just might purchase it at some point.

Generally, however, by 8 o'clock though, Z2 is too agitated and sleepy for us to read or do anything in peace. I may (and have been leaning towards) cutting out watching Wheel of Fortune (okay, laugh if you will) which comes on at 7:30. WoF is basically the only television I watch. If we start our bedtime routine at 7:30, it will give time (in terms of Z2's temperament) for us to read Buddha at Bedtime, do a visualization and get back to the candle meditation I used to do with Z1 before Z2 was born. I'm looking forward to when Z2 will appreciate these things too.

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