Monday, November 24, 2008

Weekend Thrifting

So because we are really trying to be wise about how we spend money, I've been limiting doing my favorite thing to do . . . thrifting. But we went this past Saturday because I realized (a little late) that Z2 doesn't have a snow suit. Because Z1 is a summer baby, his snow suits are all too small or too big for Z2. I intended to only get a snow suit but I found some other great things that I couldn't pass up.

When I say we scored, I mean we scored. DH found a Patagonia Baby Reversible Snow Bunting. Retail Price: $99. DH recognized the name as quality (he has a fleece pullover he paid a grip for at REI back in the day). And so we scooped it.
I wore Z2 in the mei tai yesterday to go pick up a couple of things on the Avenue (local shopping area) and he was toasty as he wanted to be. I'm so grateful for this find and wish I hadn't bid on the snowsuit on Ebay. Still that Ebay snowsuit was $10 (s&h included) and is size 18 months so we will probably still need it.

The second score was:

A 8 quart cast iron pot (heavy as all get-out) and a 9" cast iron fry pan, perfect seasoned. I'm still not 100% sure if the pot is cast iron or cast aluminum. I'm going to season it and see if it develops that rich, dark color which is the hallmark of cast iron. I really hope it is . . . it's as heavy as cast iron though. DH is convinced it couldn't be anything else. Oh, and someone at the thrift store was playing me mighty close when I was holding my cookware. If I had even had a flicker of a notion of putting them down, homeboy would have scooped them up. Shoot, I was looking over my shoulder to make sure he wasn't planning on straight taking them out of my hands!!!

Okay, so what, you ask, did I pay for all these lovely items? $31. I could hardly believe it.

I felt so incredibly blessed. We didn't get there early. We didn't have to dig around and search. It was like these things were there for us. So if You're listening, Thank you so much.


Anonymous said...

Nice finds. Those pots look great, yeah I would have been hoping you sat em down too. My scores weren't nearly so cool this weekend.

Just Me said...

Mega score! Loving the cast iron. I've been hunting for a big old frying pan forever. The other day I was at the thrift store and another lady beat me to one. Dang it! I love thrifting's so fun to find that major deal and of course the recycling/reuse thing is pretty cool. said...

Hey there Chi-Chi!

Yes...$31 is a major bargain!! I thought that those types of items were like $100 each!!

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