Monday, November 24, 2008

Zucchini Cake

So here I blogged about wanting to try some new recipes that didn't require me to buy a whole bunch of ingredients that I may never use again. I have tried all the recipes with good results. The roasted butternut squash soup was good but came out too thick. The family loved the spanakopita. I wasn't thrilled with it but I'd make it again for them though. That's how much they liked it. The pumpkin muffins? Divine. And yesterday I finally got around to making the zucchini bread. Actually, it's zucchini cake. I fell asleep with the boys last night and didn't get to taste it but DH did and said it was really good. It had a difficult time coming out of the pan which is why it looks so jacked up, but hey, at least I remembered to take a picture. Oh, and I got to use my bundt pan which I haven't used in eons. Can't wait to give it a try later on today!


Just Me said...

I'm going to have to try that. I love squash and zucchini. Looks yummo!

Chi-Chi said...

I tasted it yesterday and it is so good! It is taking all my self-control to not eat the whole thing! said...

Hey Chi-Chi!

That doesn't look jacked up AT ALL....mmmmmmmm!! It looks sooo delish!!


It looks like a success! Perfect coloring and it looks moist, even in the photo!


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