Monday, February 2, 2009

Trying out Fitness DVDs

I'd like to build my home fitness DVD (and tape) collection so I'm borrowing fitness DVDs from the library to sample them before I purchase. I have three borrowed titles in my possession right now.
  1. Tight on Time Body Blast by Tamilee Webb. Ms. Webb is famous for buns and abs of steel. I actually really like her style and presentation on this DVD. The "No-nonsense Cardio Step" is 10 minutes long so with her warm up, the cardio step three times and her cool down, you could potentially get a really good, high energy workout. The only downside is that I need an aerobic step. I asked on Freecycle and no one has responded as yet. I know I don't want to buy one just to do this particular workout but if I come across other DVDs that use a step and that I like equally as much, I think it's worth it to get the step. Ms. Webb has other 10 minute workouts to target other areas of the body including the belly area. The next area I'd be interested in focusing on would be my belly which has lost all but all of its tone after having babies. I've got an ab workout tape by Denise Austin though, so unless I get the step, this DVD really might not be worth me buying it.
  2. Yoga Shakti by Shiva Rea. I've been doing the Crunch Yoga and I absolutely love it. I look forward to it more than I look forward to the aerobics. I sweat when I'm doing it (burning calories) but I feel strong, lean and centerd after I finish. I could definitely see myself getting into a more serious yoga practice (and taking classes which everyone says is necessary to really learn well). So I was reading on one of my message boards and someone recommended Yoga Shakti. I did the "basic" today and it was okay. It's very slow and mellow (the point is the practice of yoga not necessarily exercise) so while I enjoyed it, I felt like I had wasted my time to exercise this morning and kept thinking of when I could squeeze in something aerobic today. When I visited my family in Arizona a few years ago, I had the chance to see Wai Lana on television and followed along with her. My issue with her was also that it was too laid back although I felt really, really good after following her sequence. So, if anything, I think I may have to give Wai Lana another look. So, long and short, I'm not sure if I'll add Yoga Shakti to the collection just yet especially since I may soon have the opportunity to learn Raja Yoga Meditation. I've only done the "Basic" though so I'm going to give it a chance.
  3. Denise Austin's Personal Training System. If I didn't own "Blast Away 10 lbs.", this would be a great DVD. Blast Away 10 lbs. though is as much as I want from Ms. Austin. While her workouts are excellent, her style is awful. She's usually off rhythm and too perky for my tastes. I can ignore all that for a really good workout. "Blast away 10 lbs." is only 20 minutes long but it is really high intensity and you definitely feel like you exercised when you're done. I was hoping for something similar but longer on the Personal Training System. No luck. What's great about the Personal Training System, however, is that it is an all in one DVD.--Ms. Austin focuses on every part of the body and the DVD is customizable so that you can choose the level of intensity you want. And so for that reason, I highly recommend it and would definitely have added it to the collection.
I've got more DVDs on hold at the library and as I watch them and do them, I'll post about them. Meanwhile, I'm sticking with my Blast Away 10 lbs. and Crunch Yoga as my go-to workouts. I think for right now, they're working well so I don't feel any pressure at all to get new DVDs. Borrowing the DVDs is a great way for me to check out a large variety of workouts from different people before deciding on what I want to actually add to my collection and it also breaks up the monotony.

Forgot to mention: I'm also reviewing yoga DVDs for children. So far, we've tried YogaKids: The Original and it's really good. Except for the chapter called "Cobra Pose" which has way too many snakes for me to handle watching given my phobia, we really, really enjoy it. At random times during the day, you can catch Z1 doing various poses which is cute but also great for focusing and calming him. Each pose on the DVD is introduced separately and independently so my only wish is that there was more flow, i.e. putting poses together into a series. I've got another kids' yoga DVD on hold at the library though so maybe we'll prefer that one. If not, I'll be in the market to purchase Yoga Kids.

On the YogaKids site, I signed up for the free "Weekly Yoga Pose". I just got my first one in my e-mail inbox and I like it. It teaches a letter ("L") and the difference between left and right while teaching a yoga pose.


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