Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Glasses for Z1?

Everyday Eyeglasses by NCBrian on Flickr

I must admit that there's a fear that's been nagging me since the moment I found out I was pregnant with Z1: passing on the genes that have challenged me throughout my life.

Sounds so crazy, right? But . . .
  • Acne ran me through as a teenager and still gives me a run for my money.
  • Severe allergies have often kept me from doing what I want to do.
  • I've worn glasses since I was 8 and at 27, I'm completely dependent on them.
Since my children are not old enough to deal with acne and don't seem to have any symptoms of allergies, the last bullet is the one that right now has me the most worried.

Z1 is constantly saying that he can't see. Now, I don't know if he's saying that just as an excuse to press his face close to the computer screen or television or if it's true. But it is seriously bothering me. I'm going to have to take him in to my optometrist (or should I find one specially for children?) to have his eyes checked. But honestly, I'm not willing to put glasses on a three year old. I've been wearing them since I was 8 and even though they are called corrective lenses, they don't correct the fact that my eyes are damaged. Glasses are truly an outgrowth of Western medicine: ameliorate the symptoms but don't address the underlying cause of the disease/sickness. In other words, glasses don't heal your eyes and year after year, the prescription gets stronger and stronger. I am now refusing to get a stronger prescription for my glasses. I don't know what I'll do if my vision gets worse but I certainly don't intend to make up for it with stronger lenses. And I certainly I don't want to start my three year old on this road just yet. But oh, do I remember the eye strain headaches and the general disoriented-ness that comes when you can't see more than a few inches in front of you.

So of course, I'm interested now in natural ways to really correct eyesight and heal eyes. Myopia and astigmatism are the vision issues I deal with so I'll be on the lookout for how to treat these things in myself and my son through diet and supplements. I'm not opposed to surgery for myself. I've tried eye-exercises before and that was a bunch of tomfoolery but who knows? Maybe I just didn't give it enough of a try?

So I'm asking myself again, what can you really do about your genes?

See, I've come to the conclusion that every challenge we face in life is for a reason, to take us to another level of consciousness and understanding (if we choose to see it that way). My eyesight is precious to me and I can't say that underneath all my other worry is the profound concern that it won't stay with me. I'm hoping, really hoping that in this particular area of my life (and my children's lives) I can find a way to become fearless and empowered.

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